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Auto Repair Blacklick, Ohio
Mike Ward Automotive provides auto repair in Blacklick, Ohio, Gahanna, Ohio and Reynoldsburg, Ohio as well as the surrounding areas. We install your parts and honor a lifetime warranty on many services parts and labor.  Our service is pretty simple and as transparent as it gets. You buy the parts and we'll professionally install them. Give us a call (614)601-1878  We'll save you a lot of money on auto repairs! We do not mark up parts and only charge for our labor to install.

The beauty of you buying the parts from places like AutoZone and other area auto parts stores is that you get the warranty the parts store offers on the part which by the way is much better than what an automotive repair shop will give you. Most shops will only give you a 1yr or 12,000 mile warranty whichever occurs first even if a part supplier offers a lifetime warranty on the part.

The standard business model with automotive repair shops is this: High labor rate coupled with doubling and even tripling the cost of the repair part. WE SAY "BOOOOO" TO THAT CRAZY MODEL and we're not alone in that thought. Every person we've talked with has had this to say "I don't want to pay any more than I have to for my vehicle repairs and I want the best warranty available." We second that motion!
 Most auto repair shops will not allow you to supply your own parts because they lose money on not being able to mark the part up. Here's an example: If they can get a part for 50 dollars they will charge you 100 to 150 for that very same part. I don't know about you but that's just crazy in our view.

  We will save you a boat load of money on vehicle repairs. You'll get the best warranty on parts and labor available in Central Ohio. -Mike Ward (614)512-8781


Automotive repair has been a passion of mine since age 16. My love for fixing vehicles has only gotten stronger with each passing year.I started out like most mechanics do turning wrenches for other shops and then when the time was right I knew I had to open my own shop.

The way my service works is a combination of D.I.Y. and professional installation. Here's how it works: You buy the part and we professionally install it.We even help you research the correct part with the part stores.

A couple of really awesome things happen when you buy your own repair parts: 
  1. You get the best possible price on the repair part(s).
  2. You get the parts store warranty on the repair part(s)
  3. Parts store warranties in many cases are "Limited Lifetime" which means if you ever have any issues with the part for as long as you own your vehicle the parts store will simply give you a replacement part free of charge. You can't beat that with a honey badger!
Had a conversation with Autozone and the counter person explained it this way: We want a customer for life. When we offer a limited lifetime warranty on our parts our hope is that you'll continue to shop with us for all of your auto repair part needs. 

We love that philosophy of really taking care of the customer and so our  philosophy and model reflects that as well.

Call us today! We'll save you alot of money on automotive repairs

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