Alternator Replacement Cost

Alternator Replacement Cost

Alternator replacement cost can vary depending on the vehicle. The sample vehicle we used in the video was a 2005 Chrysler Town and Country. AutoZone offers a lifetime warranty on most of the alternators they sell. Like any store the AutoZone warranties can change so always be sure to ask what the warranty is. Mike Ward Automotive operates independently of AutoZone. We simply recommend AutoZone because of their willingness to go above an beyond for their customers.

The difference between a new alternator and a re-manufactured one as pointed out in our conversation with AutoZone is the case. A new alternator has a new case with all new internals. A re-manufactured alternator has all new internals and uses a used case. The case of the alternator simply houses all of the moving functional internal parts. So there's no need to have a new case. A used case works exactly the same as a new case. The moving functional internal parts is what you need to be concerned with.

The price difference between a new alternator and a re manufactured one in our example vehicle is 94.00 Our advice is to go with the re-manufactured alternator as it carries the same exact limited lifetime warranty as the new alternator but is 94 dollars cheaper.

We currently offer a limited lifetime warranty on the labor to install the alternator which matches the part store warranty. If you ever have any issues with the alternator for as long as you own your vehicle simply bring it back to us. The labor is under warranty and so is the alternator. So how much does an alternator replacement cost? The answer is it varies depending on the vehicle but it's certainly a whole lot less with Mike Ward Automotive.

Maybe you don't know a lot about vehicles so for example if you were to call the AutoZone or any parts store you probably won't know what questions to ask. No worries! We'll help you with the research to get the best possible price and the correct part for your vehicle. Alternator replacement labor cost will vary per vehicle. In our example vehicle 2005 Chrysler Town and Country our labor cost is 75.00

Summary: We can replace the alternator in the example vehicle for 246.99 labor cost:75.00 Alternator cost: 171.99 all with a limited lifetime part and labor warranty. AutoZone gives you the limited lifetime warranty on the part and Mike Ward Automotive gives you a limited lifetime warranty on the labor.

The cost of an alternator replacement does not have to be overly expensive.
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